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About Picasso Chihuahuas

OFA certified to be free of patella luxation (at 8.5 years old):
OFA #: CH-PA281/102F/P-PI
Above is a picture of our foundation female, Kathy Lee, from Mina Anderson.
She is a grand-daughter of both top-producing long coats, Beau Chiene and Kodiak,
and is the dam of 5 champions and grand dam of several champions.
She comes from a very strong, healthy, beautiful and long lived line, which is something we feel is very important.


        Welcome and thank you for visiting Picasso Chihuahuas. We are a small breeder in Canada committed to producing quality and health examples of short and long coat Chihuahuas. We take great pride in the quality of dogs that we are able to produce, and we strive for all of our dogs to be wonderful, healthy, and beautiful family members and examples of the Chihuahua breed. Great care and consideration is given to every planned litter, and we breed to the AKC and CKC standards. We have only a limited number of Chis to ensure that all of them are involved in the family and get the individual attention they deserve.

        Occasionally, we have a puppy or adult available to a caring pet or show home, so if you are interested in having a quality, healthy addition to your family, then please phone, or e-mail us. We raise Chihuahuas on a limited basis, and all litters are planned with great care ensuring a typey show prospect, or a Chihuahua that actually looks like a Chihuahua for a caring pet home. All people are screened, whether it be a show home, or pet home, to ensure the dog will be properly taken care of, and that he will receive the attention he needs. All pets are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract, and non-breeding Canadian Kennel Club registration (if not already spayed/neutered).

        When we breed a litter, we are looking for that next special show dog and hopefully a top winner in the show ring. However, we do not sacrifice the health of our dogs for a winner in the show ring. We feel that health and beauty go hand in hand when breeding dogs, and we will not breed a dog that has health problems just so we can get a show ring winner. Also, we do not breed dogs just to sell dogs. All litters are thought out in advance, and we breed our dogs after careful research into the dog's pedigree for potential health problems and compatibility. Because of these goals, we work from a combination of mostly USA imported bloodlines, as well as some foreign overseas imported lines, using only those lines that have proven to be successful for many years.

Health Testing:

        All dogs that are used for breeding are certified free of Patella Luxation by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and also cleared of any eye defects by a certified Ophthalmologist with the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). All dogs are also cleared of any heart defects. Please click on the highlighted links to find out more information about the registries. To learn more about patella luxation, please click here. We feel it is important to health test individuals by certified specialists to ensure the dogs were are breeding are free of these problems to help prevent these problems from appearing in future Chihuahuas.


Contact Information

Cheryl and Karin Daehn
Leduc & Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 433-8553

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