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Honour Roll of Champions

Some of our Homebred Champions
(bred by Picasso Chihuahuas)

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's That's Amore

Ranked #3 Long Coat in Canada for 2005 limited showing (3 weekend)
Started and finished his AM title within 2.5 wks of arriving in the USA!

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's Oh Cara Mia

Canadian Best of Breeds over the top Chihuahuas in Canada
Reserve Winners Bitch Chihuahua Club of America Chicago 2005

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's Indulge Yourself

USA group placing Chihuahua. USA Best of Varieties from the classes over BIS winning Chihuahuas
Owned and loved by Susan Paige in Maine, USA.

AM CH. Picasso's Classy Lass

Owned and loved by Jennifer Carrigan in Maryland, USA.

AM CH. Picasso Good Morning Beautiful

Owned and loved by Pat Chinchar in Florida, USA. Handled by Jim Lehman.

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's Sophisticated Style

Owned and loved by Mr. Yama (Japan). Finished in USA by Kristi Wheeler
Multi BOV in USA over champions. Multi BOB in Canada over Top Chihuahuas.

CAN, N, DK, Fin, Nord CH. Picasso's Viva Las Vegas

Owned and loved by Gunn Lyngstad in Norway
Canadian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Nordisk Champion.
#5 Long Coat in Denmark, 2007

CAN CH. Picasso Good Morning Sunshine

Now resides in Norway with her loving owner, Torun Aasjord.
Thank you for loving Dawn as much as we do, Torun!

CAN CH. Picasso's Sweet Seduction

Emma finished easily with multi BOB!
Click Here to see a video of Emma at a dog show

CAN CH. Picasso's Sweeter Than Sugar

Sugar finished easily as a puppy with multi BOB!

CAN CH. Picasso's Prelude to a Kiss

CAN CH. Picasso's Femme Fatale

CAN CH. Picasso's Tommy Hilfiger

Now owned by Kerri Houston in Florida.
He is currently pursuing his American title with several Best of Variety Wins.

AM. CH. Picasso's Harlequin Romance

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's Jovial Song

Finished with multi BOB and Best Puppy in Breeds over Am Champion competition.
Click Here to see a video of Joey at a dog show

CAN CH. Picasso's Lil Checkers

Finished from the JR puppy class with multi BOB and Best Puppy in Breeds over Am Champion competition. Also won two Toy Group 3's from the JR puppy class!

SA CH. Picasso's Blonde Pixie of Dremasgold

South African Champion
Owned by: Dee Dowson and Tertia Van Der Watt (South Africa)
Winner of multiple Junior and 2nd in Junior toy groups in South Africa! Canadian champion pointed with a Toy Specialty Best of Breed from the JR puppy class

Se, CAN CH. Picasso's Designed for Joy

Owned by: Titti Zandelin (Sweden)
Finished from the JR puppy class with multi Best of Opposite wins to our puppy boy, Checkers, above. Multiple Winners bitch over Am Champion competition.
New Swedish Champion!

CAN CH. Picasso Wisherwood's Zorro

Owned by: Jean Westwood (Canada)
Zorro finished his championship quickly with a group placement and multiple Best Puppy in Toy Groups. He finished with a Best of Breed over 2 champions from the puppy class.

CAN CH. Picasso's Lil Beloved Amor

Owned by: Torun Aasjord (Norway)
Amy finished her championship quickly as a puppy with multiple Best of Breeds, wins over specials, and several adult Toy Group cuts.
Click Here to see a video of her competing in the dog show from class to group judging!

Pan American, Brzl, Brzl JR and Puppy CH. Picasso's Amor Amor

Owned by: Cleber Ferreira Delázari (Brazil)
Amor finished her championship with several Puppy Toy Group wins, and two times 3rd Best Puppy in Show. Currently Brazil's #1 SC Chihuahua puppy!
New Brazilian and Pan American champion!

Brzl Jr CH. Picasso's Treasured Song

Owned by: Cleber Ferreira Delázari (Brazil)
Gem finished her very first weekend out with all 4 Best of Breed wins in Brazil!

AM/CAN CH. Picasso's Cleopatra Classica

Sassy finished her Can CH championship easily as a 9.5 month old puppy! Finished Am CH with several wins over multiple specials, and also has a win at the Eukanuba Nationals.
THAI/CAN CH. Picasso's Valentino Amor

Cupid finished his Canadian championship in only 4 days of dog shows as a JR puppy!
Pan Am Grand, Brzl Grand, Brzl, Pan American, Brzl Jr & Puppy CH. Picasso's Lil Love Bug

Owned by: Cleber Ferreira Delázari (Brazil)

As an adult, he has several group placings and is top ranked for 3 years in a row now (2009, 2010, 2011 Brazil)!!
CAN CH. Picasso's Moonlight Serenade

Andre finished his championship as a 10 month old puppy with another Best of Breed win!
CAN CH. Picasso's Fifth Avenue Diva

Diva finished her championship in great style with a Toy Group 3 placing over one of Canada's Top Toys!
AM/CAN CH. Picasso Wisherwoods Lil Moxie

Owned by: Jean Westwood (Canada)
Moxie finished with Best of Breed and Best of Opposite wins over top champions!
CAN CH. Picasso Taylortoy Rafael Nadial

Owned by: Catherine Taylor (Canada)
Rafa finished with multi Best of Breed wins at 13 months old!
RUS, RKF and RUSJr CH. Picasso's Japanese Treasure

Owned by: Olga Stepanova (Russia)
Am CH Picasso Tip Point of Gallgrove

Owned by: Beverly Gall (USA)
First weekend out and almost a Am champion with both majors including a 5 point major win.
BOV over champions!
Austria Jr CH. Picasso Benita's Angel

Owned by: Benita Krasovska (Latvia)
RUS CH. Picasso's Generous

Owned by: Vera and Valery (Russia)
Russia, RKF, RFSL and RUSJr CH. Picasso's Iren Sibirskiy Start

Owned by: Irina Torbeeva (Russia)
Russia and Russia Jr CH. Picasso's Mary Sibirskiy Start

Owned by: Irina Torbeeva (Russia)
Can CH. Picasso's Lil Angie

Owned by: Daniel and Celine Barabe (Canada)
Ukr, Russia & Russia Jr CH. Picasso's Glam Shine at Chinua

Owned by: Natalia Chernova (Russia)
Grand Am/Can CH. Picasso's Diamond Jubilee

Owned by: Emilie Flynn (Canada)
Am/Can/Est/LT/Turk/Gr Turk/Baltic/RUS CH. Picasso's Love Song

Top group placing in Canada
#3 Long Coat Chihuahua in Canada (June, 2011)


Hong Kong CH. Picasso's Hola T'Chi K

Owned by: Emily Cheung (Hong Kong)
Can/BLG/Salv/MKD/MNE/San Marino/Georgia/AZK/PHIL/Costa Rica/MOLD/CYP CH. Picasso's Fire in the Sky

Finished easily in two weekends with multi Best of Breeds, Best of Breeds over top winning champions, and multiple toy group cuts at LARGE shows!

Reserve Best in Show all-breed in Bulgaria!

New Champion of Bulgaria, Salvador, Macedonia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Philippine, Costa Rica, Moldova, San Marino

Am CH. Picasso's Lil Warrior

Owned by: Thunchanok Sumethanont (USA)

Finished with three majors!!

Can CH. Picasso's Sun Catcher

Finished easily as a puppy, with multi Best of Breeds!

PamAmerican/Brazil CH. Picasso's Greek God

Owned by: Cleber Ferreira Delázari (Brazil)

Finished easily with multi Best of Breeds!

Can CH. Picasso N Cogie's Sweet Irony

Owned by: Cathleen Cogan Bird

BIS, R-BISS Korean CH Picasso Borris McMorning

Owned by: Craig Tavol (S. Korea)

Top Dog (all-breeds!) and #1 Chihuahua ranked in South Korea 2010/2011. All-breed Best in Show winner, Multi Reserve Best in Show winner, Multi Group Winner, and Reserve Best in Specialty Show winner.

Am/Can CH Picasso's Ring of Fire

Am/Can/Sing CH Picasso's Dancing Queen
American, Canadian and Singapore Champion

Am/Can/RUS/OANKOO CH Picasso's Italian Cowboy

Am CH Picasso's Dark N Debonair

Can, SE CH Picasso's Sharp Dressed Man
Canadian and Swedish Champion



~ Photo coming soon ~



Can CH Picasso's Glory Days Sharinway

Can CH
Picasso's Snow Princess

Can CH Picasso's Fancy That

Can CH
Picasso's Estalita Esperanza


Champions we have owned and/or Finished

Can CH HiLeigh Picasso's Midnight Sun

AM/CAN CH Gieger's Carpe Diem

Caesar finished his Am CH quickly, and has group placements and awards at the US National Chihuahua specialty. Caesar finished his Canadian championship quickly at the age of 9.5 years old!

AM CH O'CC Natural Beauty


AM/CAN CH. Mina's-Picasso Designer Genes

Ranked #2 Long Coat in Canada for 2003
Finished his AM title at age five with four majors.

CAN CH Mina N Picasso's Coco Chanel

Best in Match winner, 3 month old.
Multi Best of Winners/Multi Best of Opposite wins
Her first show weekend in 2 years, and she finished her Canadian title in 1 weekend!

CAN CH. Samajoto's High Caliber

Ranked #5 Long Coat in Canada for 1999
Now in a pet home in Calgary.
He still sires the occasional litter for us.

AM CH. Burgundy Lil Cinder

Finished with Best of Varieties in US over top champions

CAN CH. Linda's Silly Lily

Best Puppy in Show Winner
Owned by: Linda Gerke
Handled by: Karin Daehn

CAN CH. Gerke's Ginger TD CGN

Multi BOB over Canada's #1 Chihuahua
Owned by: Linda Gerke
Handled by: Karin Daehn

CAN CH. Gerke's Chocolate Truffle


No Photo Currently Available


Finished over multi Group winning competition
Owned by: Linda Gerke
Handled by: Karin Daehn

CAN CH. Fancibul's Hugo Boss

French Bulldog
Finished in 3 weekends as a 7.5 month old puppy, defeated only once for Winners Dog.
Owned by: Karin Daehn
Handled by: Karin Daehn

CAN CH Step Lav Monna Liza

French Bulldog
Flora finished her championship in only 6 days of shows as a puppy!
Owned by: Karin Daehn
Handled by: Karin Daehn

CAN CH. Special Treasure Iz Palevyh Buldogov

French Bulldog
Finished her championship in 3 weekends, with a non-sporting group cut over multi BIS winners!
Owned by: Karin Daehn
Handled by: Karin Daehn


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