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~ We have new long coat puppies planned for July 2020 ~


Contact us for more details about upcoming puppies!
Please also tell a little bit about yourself and your household/family!

Check out our PUPPIES page for information on our current or planned puppies!

If you are looking for a Chihuahua that is thoughtfully bred with care and knowledge of the breed and from fully health cleared parents, please contact us for details about what we have available. Our puppies are available to approved homes only, so please tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your household.

About Our Puppies and Dogs

Our puppies are ready to go at 10 weeks old, and they come with:
Two sets of vaccinations, veterinarian health certificate, microchip, written health guarantee, and puppy kit with information, toy and blanket, coupon for free bag of food, pet food storage canister, and informative books. All our puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and all parents are health certified for eyes, heart and patellas prior to being bred to ensure their puppies will bring joy for many years!



We breed for quality, not quantity. All of our litters are planned with great care for the purpose of hopefully giving us a new Chihuahua to take into the show ring, and to improve the Chihuahua breed with each successive litter. We believe in health testing all of the dogs we use for breeding, and putting temperament and quality as very important goals. We do have Chihuahuas available from time to time to loving and approved homes only. Below are the different possibilities.

Pet Puppies: We have pet puppies available throughout the year for people who are looking for a loving companion but are not interested in breeding or showing. If we do not have anything available then we can give you contact information to other breeders that might have something suitable for you. All our pet puppies must be spayed or neutered and are sold on non-breeding Canadian Kennel Club registration. We only place our puppies in approved pet homes.

Older pet puppies/adults: Older puppies or young adults are also sometimes available as pets. They will be neutered or spayed prior to leaving and up to date on vaccinations. These are Chihuahuas we kept back to evaluate their show potential. Also, we do at times have retired Chihuahuas available. These are older Chihuahuas that were a part of our breeding program that are ready to go to new homes and are not available for breeding. They are neutered or spayed before leaving and placed in suitable homes based on their individual temperament. We would love to keep all of our Chihuahuas permanently but unfortunately it is not possible since we maintain only a small number.

Show and breeding Chis: On occasion we have puppies, older puppies and adults available to loving show and breeding homes. These Chis are carefully placed to make sure they have plenty of one-on-one attention. From time to time we have pointed Chis and champions available to new homes.

All dogs used for breeding are:
OFA certified to be free of Patella Luxation
CERF Eyes certified by a Board Certified Ophthalmologist
OFA certified of any heart defects
(learn more about health testing by clicking here)


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